Copy DB Snapshots


The Copy DB Snapshots action allows you to duplicate RDS DB Snapshots to different regions. It provides flexibility with encryption: maintain the current key for encrypted snapshots or choose a new one. For unencrypted source snapshots, add encryption by selecting a KMS key.

This action is useful for disaster recovery, data management and ensuring data availability across regions. It enables seamless duplication of RDS snapshots across regions. Additionally, it enhances security and compliance by enabling encryption for previously unencrypted snapshots.

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The Copy DB Snapshots action uses the following endpoints in AWS’s RDS API to target and copy RDS DB Snapshots:

Configuring the action


Source DB Snapshots can be targeted by Tag groups, or all snapshots in the selected context.

Copy Mode

The selected copy mode can narrow the targeting further by filtering on the snapshot encryption state. It also determines the encryption state of the copied snapshot.

Destination Region

Select your destination region in the action settings.

Operator & Value

The operator and value settings can narrow the targeting further e.g.:

Copy Last + 10: copies the 10 most recently created snapshots that match the targeting criteria.

Copy Older Than + 10: copies all snapshots matching the targeting criteria that are older than 10 days at time of execution.

Encryption Keys

If the Copy Mode is set to copy encrypted snapshots, or encrypt the snapshots created, you can choose the key to use for encryption.