Delete Images


The Delete Images action allows you to delete AMIs and (optionally) their associated EBS Snapshots.

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The action uses the following AWS EC2 API endpoints to target and delete AMIs and their associated EBS Snapshots:

Configuring the action


Images can be targeted by Tag groups, or all images in the selected context.

Targeting can be narrowed further based of the following Image attributes:

  • Encryption status
  • Use in Launch Configurations
  • Attachment status

Operator & Value

The operator and value settings can narrow the targeting further e.g.:

Keep Last + 10: deletes all images that match the targeting criteria, with the exception of the 10 most recently created Created Greater Than + 10: deletes all images that match the targeting criteria that are older than 10 days at time of execution.

When using the Created Greater Than operator, you have the option to always keep the most recent image matching the targeting criteria, regardless of age.

Delete Snapshots

You can choose to delete the EBS Snapshots associated with the selected AMIs.

Dry Run

You can choose to run the action in dry run mode, which will not delete any AMIs or Snapshots, but will report on what would have been deleted.