Create DB Snapshots


The Create DB Snapshots action allows you to create RDS DB Snapshots of targeted RDS instances.

Working in conjunction with the Copy DB Snapshots action, these actions automate RDS snapshot management, bunkering, and disaster recovery.

When creating DB snapshots for Single AZ DB Instances, AWS will suspend I/O (for seconds - minutes). MultiAZ instances do not experience any I/O Suspension.

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The action uses the following AWS RDS API endpoints to target and create RDS DB Snapshots:

Configuring the action


DB Instances can be targeted by Tag groups, or all instances in the selected context. Additionally, you can choose to target only MultiAZ instances.

Snapshot Tagging

You can choose to have the action automatically tag the snapshots it creates with the of the source DB Instance, and you can add additional tags.

When adding additional tags, you can use the following parameters:
GS::RuleName will be replaced by the rule’s name
GS::UTCDate will be replaced by the current date
GS::UTCDatePlusXDays will be replaced by the current date + X days
AWS::DeviceName will be replaced by the device name (e.g. /dev/sda1)
AWS::InstanceId will be replaced by the Instance ID
AWS::VolumeId will be replaced by the Volume ID

Cluster Targeting

You can choose to include or ignore DB Clusters in the targeting.

Aurora Instances can only be snapshoted via their clusters. If you wish to snapshot Aurora Clusters for any instances targeted by this action, please enable this option.