Update ECS Service Scale


The Update ECS Service Scale action allows you to update the desired count of ECS Services.

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The action uses the following AWS ECS API endpoints to target and update ECS Services:

Configuring the action


Tag groups are used to target ECS Services for update.

Desired Count

Set the value you want the desired count to be updated to for the targeted ECS Services.

Existing Desired Count State

The Store Existing ECS Service Desired Count option is particularly useful when paired with the Restore to Pre-Existing ECS Service Desired Count option within an accompanying rule. This allows users to scale down the number of task instantiations within a given service and then scale back to the stored pre-existing settings. When using the Restore to Pre-Existing ECS Service Desired Count option, it is important to still define a Desired Count to act as a default in the case where the rule executes for a newly matched ECS Service and no pre-existing desired count has been stored by GorillaStack. This also acts as a default when there is no rule that elects to Store Existing ECS Service Desired Count. Optionally when restoring to pre-existing desired count you can select Skip ECS Services Without Cached Desired Count to force the action to skip the updating of an ECS Service until there is a cached desired count.