Microsoft Teams can be integrated into GorillaStack to act as a destination for notifications relating to:

  1. Upcoming scheduled Rule executions, providing a timely opportunity to snooze or cancel a given Rule execution
  2. Execution of a Manual Approval Pause stage within a Rule's configuration
  3. The outcome of any Rule execution
  4. The outcomes of Notify Cost & Notify Instance Count Actions

How To Integrate Microsoft Teams and GorillaStack

  1. Visit Microsoft Teams and login
  2. Enter the team that you want to send messages to
  3. Enter the channel that you want to send messages to (you might want to create a new channel)
  4. Click '...' and then Connectors to access the connectors window for your channel

Access the connectors window for your

  1. Search for Incoming Webhook and then click Add, then Add after the screen changes, then Configure after the screen changes

Add an incoming webhook for your team

  1. Give the Incoming Webhook for your Microsoft Teams channel a name, give it an image if you like, and then click Create
  2. Copy the URL of the Incoming Webhook you have just created
  3. In GorillaStack, click the Team Menu in the nav bar, select Integrations and then Microsoft Teams
  4. You will arrive at the Microsoft Teams view, Click on the Add Microsoft Teams Integration button
  5. Enter the URL you copied earlier, give your integration a name, and click Save

Save your new Microsoft Teams

Next, let's build a rule from scratch!