Start DocumentDB Clusters


The Start DocumentDB Clusters action starts your DocumentDB clusters on demand.

Working in conjunction with the Stop DocumentDB Cluster action, the advantages are only paying for the time that your DocumentDB clusters are running, which is especially beneficial when you have occasional use clusters such as development or testing clusters, as well as the flexibility to scale your database resources up or down as your workload demands.

Read more about DocumentDB clusters.


The action uses the following AWS RDS API endpoints to target and start DocumentDB clusters:

Access to all three endpoints is required.


You may need the Start DocumentDB Clusters action to confirm the targeted DocumentDB clusters have finished starting before moving onto the next action in a rule.

You can achieve this using the Start DocumentDB Clusters action’s Wait panel, pictured:


If you select Wait for Clusters to be available, the action will wait until the describeDBClusters endpoint returns a status of available for each targeted cluster.