User Groups

From our glossary:

A User Group is a subset of Users within a Team. Within the scope of a User Group, Users can have different Roles. The User Group can own multiple Rules, thus granting its Users elevated or restricted privileges within that context.

User Groups are a feature restricted to enterprise customers.

User Groups give us the flexibility to create contexts within our teams, where users have different levels of access. We can scope our granular role based access control based on Rule and based on Account Group. This gives us the ability to give each user access to her/his infrastructure/account directly.

Configuring User Groups

This is a feature for enterprise customers and as such may not be available when you attempt to access it. If you would like access, please get in touch.

Creating a User Group is quite straightforward and similar to inviting a user to your team, except any members invited to your User Group must already be a member of the Team.

  1. First click the "User Groups" link in the left nav for the "User Management" view User Management User Groups
  2. Click the "Add User Group" button
  3. Give your User Group a name, such as "SecOps"
  4. Search for a user in the search field and click "Add User" User Management User Groups
  5. After adding the user, update their role within this user group by using the role picklist inline
  6. Click "Create User Group"
Note: Where Account Group Advanced Access Control is enabled for a given team, users will additionally be able to select and deselect Allowed Account Groups for the User Group. These Allowed Account Groups will then be made available for selection in Rules owned by the User Group

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