Slack Integration

Slack Integration can be used to receive GorillaStack events to a Slack channel when rules have executed. It can also be used to receive notifications of upcoming rule executions, with the option to snooze and cancel the execution of a rule that have been set up with a Schedule trigger.


  1. In GorillaStack, select your team name in the nav bar, and select Integrations
  2. Click on "Slack" in the side navigation and click on the "Add Webhook" button GorillaStack Add Slack Webhook
  3. In a separate window, head to Slack to manage your apps https://<your_slack_team_slug>
  4. Click Custom Integrations in the left navbar Slack Apps Area Navigation
  5. Click Add Configuration regardless of whether you have any incoming webhooks created Slack Incoming Webhooks Add Configuration
  6. Select which channel you want to link the webhook to and then click "Add Incoming WebHooks Integration" Configure Incoming Webhook
  7. Copy the Webhook URL Copy Webhook URL
  8. Switch back to the GorillaStack window and paste the webhook URL into the "Webhook URL" field
  9. Click Save Save Incoming Webhook Integration

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