Stop DocumentDB Clusters

The Stop DocumentDB Clusters action stops your DocumentDB clusters on demand.

It does this using the following endpoints in AWS’s RDS API:

Access to all three endpoints is required.

Keep Stopped

AWS will automatically start DocumentDB Clusters 7 days after being stopped. You can keep clusters in a stopped state in the Keep Clusters stopped panel.

Stop DocumentDB Clusters - Keep Stopped option screenshot

AWS will restart DocumentDB Clusters that have been stopped for 7 days. Selecting Keep stopped will schedule this action to run every 7 days. This will stop the targeted clusters after AWS has started them again.


You may need the Stop DocumentDB Clusters action to confirm the targeted DocumentDB clusters have finished stopping before moving onto the next action in a rule.

You can achieve this using the Stop DocumentDB Clusters action’s Wait panel, pictured:

Stop DocumentDB Clusters - Wait for Clusters to Stop option screenshot

If you select Wait for Clusters to Stop, the action will wait until the describeDBClusters endpoint returns a status of stopped for each targeted cluster.