Stop WVD Session Hosts


The Stop WVD Session Hosts Action is used to deallocate Session Host VMs within Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Host Pools.

This action automates WVD Session Host management and can optimize resource usage and costs.


When you link GorillaStack to your Azure account, GorillaStack creates a service principal that provides access to the following permissions that are used by this action:

  • Microsoft.DesktopVirtualization/hostpools/read
  • Microsoft.DesktopVirtualization/hostpools/sessionhosts/read
  • Microsoft.Compute/virtualMachines/deallocate/action

Targeting Session Hosts

The Stop WVD Session Hosts Action uses GorillaStack Tag Groups to target desired Host Pools and deallocate their Session Host VMs.

At this stage Session Host tags are not considered as part of Tag Group filtering.