Delete Detached Volumes


The Delete Detached Volumes action allows you to delete EBS Volumes that are not attached to an EC2 Instance. This action is particularly useful when paired with the Detached Volumes Detected trigger.

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The action uses the following AWS EC2 API endpoints to target and delete EBS Volumes:

Configuring the action


Volumes can be targeted by Tag groups, or all detached volumes in the selected context.

Number of days Detached

You can choose to target only volumes that have been detached for a certain number of days.

The number of days that a Volume has been detached for is tracked by GorillaStack, therefore this metric does not work retrospectively for Volumes that were already detached when your account was linked. For these Volumes, we consider the account linked date as day 0.

Dry Run

You can choose to run the action in dry run mode, which will not delete any Volumes, but will report on what would have been deleted.