Notify Cost (Azure)

The Notify Cost action allows you to view the current costs of your various services within your Azure subscriptions via a notification.


The Notify Cost action can be paired with any of the available triggers, but we specifically note that the Azure Cost Threshold trigger is designed to pair with the trigger.

The action itself works by aggregating costs based on the selected options and then outputting it via a notification.


You can set a number of different configuration options for the action, with different notification outputs depending on the configuration.

These are:

  • Subscription context - You can select all or specific subscriptions on the Context screen when creating a new Rule.
  • Azure Service - Which Azure service (or all if 'All' is selected) is selected for reporting.
  • Resource groups - Which resource groups (belonging to the selected subscriptions) are checked for reporting.
  • Notifications - You can configure how notifications are delivered to you (through email, Slack or Teams). See here for more information.

You can see an example of the configuration page here:

Sample Azure Notify Cost Configuration

There are two different sets of notifications that can be will be sent.

With Services

If you configure the action to report on all Azure services, then the notification will include a breakdown of each service in each resource group.

Sample Slack App Azure Notify Costs Notification Sample notification with services listed

Without Services

Otherwise, if you configure the action to report on one Azure Service instead, then the notification will instead include a cost per resource group (that has a cost for that service).

Sample Slack App Azure Notify Costs Notification Sample notification without services