GorillaStack is available for integration via a separately published API. You can use this to integrate GorillaStack with your own applications or scripts.

View our interactive reference documentation:

Getting Started


An API Key is needed in order to call the API. It is a specially generated code (not your password), tied to your user account, which is used to authenticate calls to the API. You can generate as many API keys as you need.

It is recommended that you create a new user for the purposes of API integration.

You can generate an API key in the web app:

  1. Login to the GorillaStack web application
  2. Click on the user initials icon in the top-right and select Profile
  3. Select on the API Keys tab
  4. Select New Key (if this button is disabled, your user does not have API access)
  5. Check Read-Only or Read-Write and then select OK

Finding my team ID

Most of the APIs require a team-id. If you do not know your team ID, you can find it in the Team Settings profile of the web application:

  1. Login to the GorillaStack web application
  2. Click on the team name next to the GorillaStack logo in the top-left and select Team Settings
  3. On the Profile tab, the Team ID should appear under the Team Slug

Calling the API

In order to use the API, you will need an API key that is passed in as a HTTP Bearer token in the Authorization header.

e.g. using curl

curl -X GET "https://api.gorillastack.com/v1/teams/599285b3cbd22a001e32880e/events?filter.date=2019-01%202018-01" \
  -H "accept: application/json" \
  -H "Authorization: Bearer 23988auau983uoerasuhu8923h3u2u982d3u9duo"