Add Rule Action

From our glossary:

An Action is an automation capability specifying how GorillaStack is to interact with targeted cloud resources in response to the observed Trigger. A Rule can support one or many Actions.

Add Action

As the Rule we are trying to create is intended to clean up old snapshots, we select the Delete Snapshots action.

List of Actions

Now, we need to determine which snapshots we want to delete. In this example, we will target all snapshots for simplicity. However, we can filter snapshots based on their existing tags. This is achieved by using a GorillaStack configuration called a Tag Group. For a user guide on creating your first Tag Group, read a guide on creating a Tag Group.

Action Snapshot Targeting

Next, click on the Snapshot Settings link in the side nav. Here, we specify the snapshot retention policy we wish to apply.

Action Snapshot Retention Policy Action Snapshot Retention Policy

Next, let's have a look at how to target resources with Tag Groups