Add Rule Action

The Action is the operation that will occur when the Trigger is observed.

The Action runs against all matching resources within our context.

The Rule we are trying to create
This rule will help us periodically delete all but the last 30 snapshots matching a Tag Group. Additionally, we will
set up a notification to be delivered 30 minutes before the action is scheduled to take place, to allow users to Snooze
or Cancel.

Add Action

As the Rule we are trying to create is intended to clean up old snapshots, we select the "Delete Snapshots" action.

List of Actions

Now, we need to determine which snapshots we want to tag. In this example, we will target all snapshots for simplicity. However, we can target our snapshots by combinations of different resource tags, using a GorillaStack configuration called a Tag Group. For a user guide on creating your first Tag Group, read a guide on creating a Tag Group.

Action Snapshot Targeting

Next, we go to the "Snapshot Settings" link in the left nav. Here, we select the snapshot retention policy we wish to enforce.

Action Snapshot Retention Policy Action Snapshot Retention Policy

Next, we'll look at how we can invite our team mates to use GorillaStack