Set Rule Context

The Context is the scope of the Rule. It defines the combination of AWS Accounts and AWS Regions to observe Triggers within.

You can select all AWS Accounts, all AWS Regions, or a subset of either/both. If selecting all AWS Accounts or all AWS regions, we will automatically target any new AWS Accounts you link to GorillaStack, or alternatively, any new AWS Regions that are added to AWS.

The Rule we are trying to create
This rule will help us periodically delete all but the last 30 snapshots
matching a Tag Group.  Additionally, we will set up a notification to be
delivered 30 minutes before the action is scheduled to take place, to
allow users to Snooze or Cancel.

Set the context

For this Rule, we'll run over All AWS Accounts and All AWS Regions.

Set Context When Creating a Rule

Next, we'll set the trigger.