Set Rule Trigger

The Rule Trigger is the event that is going to kick off our automation action, which we will be creating next.

The Rule we are trying to create
This rule will help us periodically delete all but the last 30 snapshots
matching a Tag Group.  Additionally, we will set up a notification to be
delivered 30 minutes before the action is scheduled to take place, to
allow users to Snooze or Cancel.

Set the trigger

Here are a list of our available triggers at the point of the writing of these docs.

List of Available Triggers

As the Rule we are trying to create is to run "periodically", we need to select the "schedule" trigger.

Next, we need to select the days of the week, the time at which we want to trigger this rule's execution, as well as the timezone within which we should interpret the schedule's definition. How great, no more converting to UTC, just find your desired timezone in the searchable list.

Schedule Trigger Page 1

Click on the "Notifications" link in the side nav. This is where we will configure the notification to be delivered 30 minutes before the execution of the rule.

Schedule Trigger Page 2

After setting the "Notification offset" and selecting the desired notification channels (email and Slack in this case), click on "Add Action" to continue to add an action to this rule.

These notification settings will deliver a message via Slack and email 30 minutes before rule execution that contains a list of targeted resources and options for the user to snooze or cancel this instance of the recurring schedule.

Next, we'll add an action.